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Family Events



A note about family events…

2024-2025 Family event dates

At UCiC we know that having a loving community can make a difference in our students health and education. To help foster a family atmosphere at our school we host many family events throughout the year. Family events hold so many benefits such as

– giving parents unique opportunities to have fun with their child outside of the normal day-to-day schedule

– helping parents meet and grow new friendships with each other

-learning about each other (parents, teachers, admin and students) as individuals

Each year we rotate our family night events to reflect the interests of our students. Some previous family nights we have hosted include: Bingo night, Paint night, Movie nights, and babysitting events. We also hold events on holidays such as Lunar New year, Holi, Easter, ect.

August 26th – Open house BBQ

September 19th – Family night

December 4th – Christmas Program

December 11th – Family night

January 29th – Lunar New Year Party

February 11th – Family night

March 20th – Holi Spring party

March 27th – Parent’s Night Out

April 17th – Easter Chapel and Egg Hunt

June 5th – Heritage Day

June 13th – End of year program & Field day

*dates subject to change

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