UCiC exists to guide students' growth knowledge, wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man. 

Early Learning

A Glance at UCiC’s Early Preschool Program

Our Early Preschool classes are more than just childcare, the children in our care have many opportunities during the day to grow and learn all while doing what they do best…PLAY! Our classrooms are set up to provide your children with the best equipment and staff to help your child explore and discover new things.

The teachers at UCiC love children and enjoy spending time with them. They spend many hours planning fun, educational activities for your children.

Small & Large Motor Skills

  • Jumps in place, two feet together

  • Walks on tiptoe

  • Throws large ball and kicks it forward

  • Stands on one foot momentarily

  • Strings large beads, builds with Lego’s, etc.

  • Snips with scissors

  • Holds crayon with thumb and fingers, not fist

  • Rolls, pounds, squeezes and pulls clay

Cognitive Skills

  • Follows simple two part directions such as “Get your coat and line up.”

  • Knows concepts of one, two, many, and more

  • Understands prepositions such as to, with, on, under, over, by

  • Completes simple puzzles

  • Nestles cups sequentially and stacks rings on peg in size order

  • Begins to understand whole-part concepts

Communication Skills

  • Can identify objects when told their use

  • Asks “what” and “where” questions

  • Can talk briefly about what he or she is doing

  • Makes negative statements such as “Can’t open it”

  • 300-400 word vocabulary

Self Help Skills

  • Uses spoon, spilling little

  • Gets drink from fountain or faucet independently

  • Opens door by turning handle

  • Washes and dries hands

Social/Emotional Development

  • Plays with other children & participates in simple group activities & songs

  • Begins to play house, act out stories and pretend to take trips(train rides, to the store, etc.)

  • Increasing sense of independence

  • Gaining group skills such as sharing and taking turns

Spiritual Development

    • Talks about basic concepts such as “God made everything” And “Jesus loves me”

    • Realizes we can talk to God and repeats simple prayers

Programs Offered






$1,100 /month

$1,100 /month

$2,200 /month


9:00 am – 12:55 pm (M-F)

1:20 pm – 5:15 pm (M-F)

9:00 am – 12:55 pm AND 1:20 – 5:15 pm (M-F)

A Glance at UCiC’s Preschool Program

3 year olds and those turning 4 have pre-school classes with the above activities to help them learn colors, shapes and spatial relationships. Their program contains a range of learning experiences to help them gain self-esteem, self-awareness, self-control, and decision making abilities. They also learn about nutrition, health, community helpers and personal safety.

Spiritual Development

  • Basic Bible stories, songs and concepts

  • Monthly character traits and their meanings

  • A portion of a Bible verse for each trait

  • Applying the traits in school with classmates and teachers

Social / Emotional Development

  • Group skills as cooperating, sharing, taking turns and negotiating

  • Showing Jesus’ love and respect to everyone

  • Developing self-esteem and learning that each child is special

General Cognitive Development

  • Recognizing likeness and differences

  • Matching colors, sizes and shapes, and then categorizing

  • Developing logical thinking skills

  • Follow two part directions (such as “Put your toys away and come to the table”)

  • Spatial concepts and opposites (such as; up/down, in/out, over/under)

Language Development

  • Using imagination (storytelling by “reading” a book, puppets, dramatic play)

  • Talking clearly in front of a group and sharing personal experiences

  • Learning new words in vocabulary and memory games

  • Learning songs, finger plays, and rhymes

  • Making relevant verbal contributions in small group discussion

  • Expression using art materials

Numbers Development

  • Match and sort objects

  • Rote count to ten, then count ten objects

Science/Health/Social Studies

  • Simple concepts about such themes as: dinosaurs, plants, shadows, healthy habits, animals, community helpers, international customs.

  • Learning about holidays

Programs Offered






$990 /month

$990 /month

$1,980 /month


9:00 am – 12:55 pm (M-F)

1:20 pm – 5:15 pm (M-F)

9:00 am – 12:55 pm AND 1:20 – 5:15 pm (M-F)

A Glance at UCiC’s Pre-Kindergarten Program

Children in the Pre-Kindergarten program will be given opportunities to learn the following. Since children learn in different ways, and at their own pace not all children will master all areas:

Bible & Music

  • Learn basic Bible stories & familiar and new songs.

  • Understand the month’s character quality and how to apply it.

  • Memorize 1 or 2 verses each month.

  • Begin to talk to God in their own words.

  • Know Jesus loves us and desires our love and obedience.


  • Learn to rote count to 100.

  • Learn concepts of numbers to 20.

  • Count 30 objects accurately.

  • Recognize the numerals 0-30.

  • Sort, compare, order, pattern, and graph objects.


  • Learn the names of all letters.

  • Learn 1 sound for each letter. (Many will learn both short and long vowel sounds.)

  • Blend a consonant and a vowel-m a (as map starts).

  • Blend short phonetic words and sentences. (A few may begin to sound out “Jack and Jill went up the hill.”)


  • Learn to use pencils and crayons effectively.

  • Learn to properly print first name.

  • Print capital and small letters-in the air, on a path, with a model, then (hopefully) alone.

  • Begin forming numerals 0-20.

Science, Health & Social Studies

  • Learn simple concepts for units studied such as insects, magnets, fire safety, food groups, plants, seasons, weather, and personal safety & 9-1-1.

  • Enjoy collections, experiments and making discoveries.

  • Begin to learn about other people, places and times.

  • Become aware of current events-primarily thru children’s newspapers.

Show & Tell

  • Learn to talk clearly (& loud enough) in front of a group.

  • Develop care of own property, respect for others’ things.

Motor Skills

  • Improve large muscle skills, hand/eye coordination, strength and balance.

  • Develop listening and cooperation.


  • Enjoy a variety of art experiences

  • Extend coloring, cutting, pasting and painting skills

Programs Offered






$900 /month

$900 /month

$1,980 /month


9:00 am – 12:55 pm (M-F)

1:20 pm – 5:15 pm (M-F)

9:00 am – 12:55 pm AND 1:20 – 5:15 pm (M-F)