UCiC exists to guide students' growth knowledge, wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man. 

Release Notes


  • Check In/Check Out
    • Now Admin/Staff and Teacher can do manual check in and check out of children by visiting  directory>student profile and click on Check In and Check Out  button.


  • Parent Login
    • Now all parent like 1st Parent, 2nd Parent can login to the Web and App(Android & iOS)
    • Now Emergency Contact can also login to Web and App(Android and iOS) for Authorized Pickup
  • Reset Password
    • Now Staff/Teacher/Admin can reset password for All Parent and Emergency Contact from Directory page by either clicking on Parent Profile or Student Profile.



  • Directory
    • Now Admin/Staff/Teacher can filter Incomple Enrollment Student and Parent Data from Directly tab by checking on Show Incomplete Enrollment.
  • Check In/Out History
    • Class filter will be sorted in Alphabetical order


  • Add Enrolment
    • Now Staff/Teacher/Admin can add new quick enrolment from Directory tab by clicking on Add Enrolment button
  • New Field on Parent Enrolment form
    • New field(Current Grade, School Year and Preffered Class Placement) have added on Parent Enrolment form
  • Teacher restricton
    • Now teacher can only see their linked student and notification from directory


  • Reset Password Login
    • Now Teacher/Staff/Admin can change any other teacher/staff/admin password on Web from Directory>Teacher/Staff page


  • Settings
    • Teacher and Staff can not view/edit Settings. Only admin can view and edit settings on Web
  • Roles
    • Only Admin can change Staff/Teacher’s Roles. Staff/Teacher can not change Roles as Roles field will be hidden for Staff/Teacher


  • Login
    • Remember me- User can now enable/disable Remember me functionality while Login
  • Enrol to next year
    • Now parent can enable/disable enrolment to next year by enabling/disable toggle button by click on profile from left menu


  • Dashboard
    • Recently enrolled *status pending
    • Recent notification
    • Enrollment trending chart
  • School year setup
    • Setting up the upcoming school year
    • Re-enrollment next year toggle
  • App
    • flip button hidden in horizontal mode in tablet
    • lower case sentivity removed
    • app in all countries


  • Download Student Bio-> We added Download Student Bio features inside parent/student profile where Admin/Staff can download/print the Enrolment form.
  • Login Password Reset-> We added Login Password Reset features inside Parent Profile under Directory where Admin/Staff can reset any parent Login Password.


  • Add Teacher or Staff->we added Add Teacher or Staff feature in the directory page so that admin/staff can added new teacher or staff
  • Students-> we added students tab inside Parent/Guardians profile under Directory where admin/staff or teacher can see how many students parent have.
  • Classes-> Added CLASSES features inside Student Profile under Directory where admin/staff or teacher can add/delete classs to student.


  • Enrollment form email notification
    • We are adding an enrollment email notification feature in the settings in the admin module.
  • Campus dropdown in the enrollment form
    • we added a campus dropdown feature in the directory page for admin so that admin/staff can sort based on the campus.
    • go to ucicapp.org and the directory page and top right corner.
  • Guardian’s Work phone # is not required anymore in the enrollment form


  • Daily server backup
    • Daily server back up in place now