UCiC exists to guide students' growth knowledge, wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man. 


A Glance at UCiC’s Infant Program

Infants grow and mature at different rates and in individual ways. Babies start in the infant room at various ages; therefore it is difficult to pinpoint general skills. We assess all children at the point that they enter the classroom and determine their starting point.

Spiritual Development

  • Hears bible stories, songs, and prayers during the day

  • Follows the Gospel Light Infant Bible Curriculum

  • Enjoys Christian children’s music in the classroom

Social and Emotional Development

  • Is given the opportunity to interact with others besides parents and primary caregiver

  • Enjoys plenty of social interaction with other babies

  • Practices separation from parents

  • Infants are held, rocked, carried, and played with, on a consistent basis

Physical Development

  • Plenty of space for large movement

  • Encouragement of physical skills, such as rolling over, crawling, and walking

  • Equipment provided for developing physical skills

  • Opportunities to try new and interesting solid foods

Self-Help Development

  • Babies are given daily chances to practice eating and drinking on their own

  • Are given utensils and sippy cups for practice

Cognitive Development

  • Babies are constantly hearing the spoken word (not baby talk)

  • Infants are taught basic sign language to encourage communication

  • Babies are read to throughout the day

Programs Offered

Program           Tuition             Hours

     Full-Time Care ​           $1,940.00/month           8am – 6pm (M-F)