UCiC exists to guide students' growth knowledge, wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man. 


A Glance at UCiC’s Waddler Program

Waddlers are small children that have just advanced from the infant stage but are not full blown toddlers yet. Their program needs to be very individualized until they begin to demonstrate toddler like skills and schedules.

Spiritual Development

  • Hears bible stories from the Gospel Light curriculum during the day

  • Teachers pray with and for the children in their care

  • Children and teachers sign songs to Jesus throughout the school day

  • Enjoys Christian children’s music in the classroom

  • Participates in weekly chapels with the rest of the school

Social and Emotional Development

  • Is given the opportunity to interact with others besides parents and primary caregiver

  • Enjoys plenty of social interaction with other children their own age

  • Practices separation from parents

  • Travel to and from other areas of the school giving them a chance to encounter other adults and children

Physical Development

  • Plenty of space for large movement

  • Encouragement of physical skills, such as walking, running, climbing

  • Equipment provided for developing physical skills

Self-Help Development

  • Waddlers are given daily chances to practice eating and drinking on their own

  • Sippy cups and utensils are used as practice tools for independent eating

  • Can travel around on their own with minimal help from others

  • Encouraged to sleep without assistance

Cognitive Development

  • Participates in “circle times” where songs are sung and stories are told

  • Teachers read to children on a consistent basis

  • Adults point out words and objects to develop language skills

  • Waddlers are encouraged to use spoken language or signs to communicate needs.